GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A road rage case, for all to hear: the Gwinnett County 911 recordings of Saturday's confrontation between two drivers on Highway 78 even include the sound of a gunshot.

No one was seriously injured, somehow.

The first of the 911 calls begins with the screams of the caller.

The caller is driving on Highway 78, and she says a man -- identified later by police as 26 year old Thomas Burt -- is getting out of his car at a stop light, he has a handgun, and he is walking up to another man who is in his own car -- identified by police later as 66 year old Tom Curlee.

"Oh my God, oh my God... Hello! Hello!"
(911 Operator) "What's wrong?"
"There's a young guy, he's wearing a t-shirt, he's out of his car, he's pointing a gun on an elderly man, it's a black truck."

The loud pop of a gunshot interrupts the caller.

"Oh my God!"
(911 Operator) "Is that a gunshot, Ma'am?"
"He just shot! He just shot! You heard the gunshot? He just shot at the guy!"

Police say Burt shot twice at Curlee's car.

Curlee was not shot.


From Wednesday: "Road Rage Leads to Gunshots at Busy Intersection"


Another woman, driving with her daughter, calls 911:

"We were just passing through the intersection of [Highway] 78 and Killian Hill, and we saw this crazy man shooting at another man in a car.... He was reaching in the man's window... He was holding a gun and then after we passed it he shot it. I saw the glass break, in my mirror. [My daughter] saw it, looking back."

Other witnesses call 911, too.

Then Curlee calls 911, sounding calm.

"Ma'am, I just had a guy pull up behind me and tried to run me off the road, to start with. And he pulled up behind me at the red light, there, got out of his vehicle, came up with a pistol and shot two of my windows out, and threatened to kill me.... I was trying to roll up the windows, and he got his hand in there and just ripped out the driver's window, and then shot out the passenger window right behind me. Put the gun right up to my cheek bone and said he wished to kill me.... The guy, he's driving on [Highway] 78, and he's crazy."

After that, Burt calls 911 and tells the operator he shot at Curlee in self-defense.

"I just had an altercation with somebody in traffic. And they stabbed me in the hand a couple of times.... I can't stop because this guy's chasing me.... He got mad at me in traffic, and I went and talked to him, and he stabbed me in the (expletive) hand.... He cuts me off and starts cursing me, and I asked him what was the problem, and the next thing I knew he stabbed my ass.... I mean, I shot at him, yes Ma'am."

Police Corporal Jake Smith says investigators concluded Burt made up the self defense alibi.

"Through the investigation, they determined that was just not true. Inside Mr. Burt's vehicle they actually found a pocket knife with blood on it, and the investigation revealed essentially that Mr. Burt had stabbed himself in the hand as part of this story that he concocted."

And at least one of the 911 callers says it was Thomas Burt who was driving erratically down Highway 78.

The charges against him include aggravated assault.

Burt remains in the Gwinnett County jail.

No bond has been set.

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