FOREST PARK, Ga. -- A grieving family is pleading with the public to look at the "wanted" poster released this week by Forest Park police. The family hopes someone will recognize the fugitive pictured in the poster, and help police find him.

The man is Victorino Javier Perez, 41, and police say be careful, he's armed and dangerous.

Perez is accused of storming into his ex-girlfriend's apartment, at the Majestic Montega Apartment complex on Old Dixie Road in Forest Park on June 4th, then shooting and killing the young man who was visiting her.

The young man was 21 year old Michael Chaz Smith.

Smith's aunt, Krissy Smith of Stockbridge, who was like a mother to him, is praying for justice.

"Just a prayer that God will help us find [Perez] and let Michael rest in peace. They took our heart, you know, he was our heart, and, we've got to find this man. We really do. What if he kills somebody else's child, you know? Michael was such a good, I mean, he had a rough life, he really did. But he had turned around so much. He was a good kid."

She weeps for Michael as she speaks about him.

And she describes the suspected killer as a jealous ex-boyfriend of the woman, Victoria "Torri" Martinez, who lived in the apartment.

According to Krissy, Michael was visiting Torri and her brother when Perez arrived.

"I guess he was accusing Michael of being with Torri," Krissy says, "and Michael told him, 'how could you even think that, that's my cousin's old lady, you've got to be crazy.'

Krissy says Torri told her Perez then shot Michael in the head, in front of Torri and her brother. She says Torri's brother struggled with Perez, trying to hold on to him as Torri called 911. But Perez still had the gun, threatened them, and ran away.

"I mean, he's out there, somewhere," Krissy speculates. "And I feel like he hasn't gone nowhere. Somebody is hiding him out here."

Forest Park Police Lieutenant Jason Armstrong says detectives obtained a murder warrant on Perez.

"We have witnesses at the scene and they did identify a suspect in the case. Clearly he can harm someone, he is armed with a weapon. So that right there, that has urgency for us that we need to get him off the streets as soon as possible."

Krissy says Michael worked as a house painter, and she remembers the last moment, last week, when she saw Michael. He was at her home, which she shares with Michael's sister, Ashley, and Ashley's four, young children.

He was just going out, and "he looked at me and he said, 'Krissy, I love you.' And I said, 'I love you, too, Baby. Be careful.' And he said, 'I will, always.' And that's the last time I saw him."

Michael, she says, was supporting his sister and her four children.

"I mean, almost every bit of money he would get, he would bring to her."

Krissy smiles as she talks of how much Michael loved to sing and play the guitar for her while she begged him to stop because he wasn't very good.

"He'd just start playing the guitar and I'd be like, 'Oh my God.'" She pauses, crying as she tries to continue. "And you know, the things that annoyed me the most is what I miss the most about him."

Anyone who knows where Perez is hiding should call Forest Park Police, 404-366-4141, or 911.

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