LOCUST GROVE, Ga. -- The Locust Grove family of 20-year-old Alex Desir, a student killed by a hit-and-run driver Saturday night while walking to her job, pleaded with the driver Monday night to surrender.

"Whoever it is, please just come forward," said Alex's older sister, Gabrielle Desir, to 11Alive's Jon Shirek. "I just don't understand why you would just leave her there." Gabrielle was weeping. "She wouldn't hurt anybody."

Alexandra Noelle "Alex" Desir was a nursing student with a part-time job and a big personality.

Now, the Georgia State Patrol has issued a statewide alert for the car that hit her.

The five words of her family:

"She had the kindest heart."

Alex's mother, Simone Desir, wants everyone to know those five words about her.

Alex was struck and killed walking on a sidewalk along a stretch of highway in Barnesville just before midnight Saturday.

Alex was walking to Huddle House where she worked part time, while attending Gordon College in Barnesville, studying to be a nurse.

"She was kind to everyone," Simone said through her tears. "And even kids that don't know her, they always just migrate to her because she has that spirit about her."

The Georgia State Patrol believes the car that struck Alex was a Saturn Vue. They said in a statement that "a turn signal assembly" led investigators to identify the vehicle as a Saturn Vue, "between the model years 2002 and 2005. The vehicle should have damage to the right, front corner of the vehicle. The right corner light should be missing." Investigators did not know the vehicle's color.

"She wouldn't hurt anybody," Gabrielle said, and spoke of how close they were to each other.

"We love to read, and we would read the same books, and she would send me quotes from our favorite books, all the time.... She was full of life. Her favorite TV show was 'The Office.' And she can quote everything from it. Her favorite color was pink. She loved to cook. She became a vegan recently, so she was cooking vegan meals all the time," and at that, Gabrielle laughed gently. "She wanted to be a nurse, like my mom.... I love her. I miss her."

"I would hope whoever, or whoever knows something about it, that they would," Simone began to say, and then she interrupted herself as she wept: "How do you hit a child in the middle of the night and just let them lay there? For someone else to find them?"

"Nicest person in the world, but too nice, I'd tell her," said Alex's older brother, Jordan Desir.

Alex graduated from Luella high School in 2011.

"The kid is just funny, sarcastic," Jordan said. "She would be a great nurse, because she loves people. I mean, she's a people person. She's shy, at first. But once you get to know her, she talks a lot."

Alex's two passions outside of school, Jordan said, were "reading and cooking."

Franka Young is with the Georgia State Patrol in Barnesville. She told 11Alive's Marc McAfee Monday that the driver who struck Alex "hit her from behind" as she walked on the sidewalk.

"She was just trying to get to work," Young said, "and someone who was reckless and careless -- not only did they hit her, but they decided to leave the scene, and did not stop to give her any assistance.... How awful it was that a college student, who's just trying to make a life for herself, be something in life, had to die carelessly because of a reckless driver. It's really unfortunate and sad."

Anyone with information about the car or the driver should call the Georgia State Patrol, 770-254-7201.


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