MCDONOUGH, Ga -- A surveillance video could prove crucial in catching a young suspect who robbed a McDonough convenience store. It's not just because of what you see on the video, it's what you hear.

It is rare, but the Marathon store on Jodeco Road in McDonough has surveillance equipment that not only records video, it also records sound. So when a teenage suspect robbed the store early Sunday morning you can hear how he threatened the cashier.

Nadeem Sheikh, who owns the store, said the cashier told him the suspect appeared to be 15 or 16 years old. "The cashier told me he was shaking," Sheikh said. "While he was trying to take the money his hands were shaking real bad."

The video shows the suspect waiting outside the store until there were no customers inside. He ran into the store and started shouting at the cashier. "Open the register! Move it! Open it!" can be heard on the surveillance recording.

The suspect cleaned out the cash register, stuffing bills in his pockets. He was in such a hurry that some of the bills dropped to the floor. He pointed a silver semi-automatic handgun at the cashier the whole time.

He then took the cashiers wallet and the money inside. Before he left he grabbed a pack of cigarettes and shouted to the cashier "That all you got?" "He's carrying a gun," Sheikh said. "A police officer could stop him and he could be killed for three, four hundred bucks."

Henry County Policesaid the suspect made off with about $400.

Police said the audio on the surveillance recording could help them identify the suspect. They said it could also be helpful in court before a jury. "If you hear that commotion and that voice and that violence it definitely puts you right in the middle of the event," said Sgt. Joey Smith.

The cashier told police the suspect looked very young, possible a teenager, and clean-shaved. He was wearing a black Bob Marley t-shirt.

If you have information about the robbery call Henry County Police or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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