WXIA -- Testimony on day five in the Andrea Sneiderman trial began with Sneiderman's former best friend, Shayna Citron.

Citron testified for the prosecution about Sneiderman's martial problems. She broke down talking about it on the stand both Thursday and Friday.

Citron is best known as the recipient of the "Judas" kiss during Hemy Neuman's murder trial. She took the stand today and testified she first saw problems in Andrea and Rusty's marriage in August. In September she said Andrea admitted they were having "major problems". The most memorable testimony: "I thought, Oh My God, she's checked out of this marriage. When she was talking about Rusty her eyes were dark and cold and when she was speaking about her boss, her eyes were sparkling."

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After Citron's testimony, a tearful Dr. Bonita Greenberg took the stand to testify about her daughter's marriage and the conversation she and Andrea had about Hemy Neuman. Greenberg testified that Sneiderman told her about Neuman's advances and that she was aware Neuman liked her in more than just a professional way.

The state and the defense excused Greenberg and then called Deputy Chief David Sides of the Dunwoody Police Department to the stand. The state played a taped interview between Sneiderman and Sides, the interview happened after Neuman was arrested for the murder of Rusty Sneiderman.

In the interview, Sneiderman revealed that she and Neuman had exchanged what could be perceived as "inappropriate" emails with each other and had traveled abroad with one another.

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Police say Sneiderman withheld information about Hemy Neuman (the man who killed Sneiderman's husband Rusty), including emails about Hemy professing his love and saying he wanted to marry Andrea.

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