ATLANTA -- The arrest warrant for one of the suspects in the Clayton County abduction of 14-year-old Ayvani Hope Perez has been released.

It gives details, of how she was taken, the discussion of ransom with the family and how the kidnappers released her.

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The affidavit comes from an FBI special agent, writing an arrest warrant for29-year-old Wildrego Jackson.

Jackson was in Court on Thursday, briefly. The charges were read against him and his next court appearance was set. That will be Tuesday, Sept. 24.

There was no family in the courtroom, only two women claiming to be his girlfriend. One woman said she was pregnant with his child.

The FBI report states that around 2:15 a.m. on Tuesday two men with guns pried open the back door of Perez's home.

Ayvani's mom took her and her brother and hid in the closet. Ayvani was holding their pet dog.

The FBI report says the suspects kicked in the closet door and demanded money and jewelry. The dog jumped out of Ayvani's hands and one suspect shot it. It later died.

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When the mom said she had no money or jewelry one suspect took Ayvani out of the house while the other held the mom and brother upstairs.

Both suspects fled and the mom chased after them.

A neighbor, who is also a law enforcement officer, told the FBI she noticed a Dodge challenger parked outside her house and a small 4-door silver car backed up to the house across the street. Another witness heard screams and saw the Dodge speed away.

Tuesday morning Ayvani's family received phone a call from a man with a blocked number, demanding drugs and money for the girl's release. There were a total of about five calls between the family and suspect.

FBI agents tracked down the phone's owner who said she gave it to Jackson one week before the kidnapping. Agents also learned Jackson's girlfriend rented the Dodge challenger for Jackson.

Wednesday at midday the family got call from kidnappers saying they would return Ayvani to a Lowe's store, then called back saying the girl was dropped off at the house of a relative in Conyers.

FBI agents recovered Ayvani from her aunt's house. The FBI report says the girl told agents three to four men were involved in her abduction, and the kidnappers covered their faces and told her not look them.

The FBI report states Jackson had a previous court hearing in Fulton County Wednesday, and when he showed up agents arrested him.

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