DEKALB COUNTY, Ga.-- With just one week left to reach an agreement, the DeKalb School Board is still hammering ways to deal witha more $80 millionbudget gap.

Twice, board members have delayed a vote on potential plans.

Now time is running out, but there's a good a chance they may finally vote Thursday night at a called meeting at 6 p.m.

Wednesdayafternoon board members decided to wait an extra 24 hours to go through the latest proposal and figure out how it impacts the bottom line.

The biggest changewould beshrinking the school year; 10 days would be eliminated from the school calendar. That could mean longer days for students and teachers.

The plan's creator said it would help the district save some$30 million. Savings would also come fromsix proposed teacher furlough days.

There are other two big things with this proposal. It does not include any tax increases. And, instead of gutting the Fernbank budget, two-thirds of the funding would remain in place.

It's not the solution many wanted, but it could be the compromise needed to reach an agreement.

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