FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. - If you have a child who gets bored in class, Travis Allen could serve as an inspiration.

In 2009, Travis Allen sat in class atWhitewater High School and tried to use his smart phone to record notes and other information for school, the teacher took if away from him.

"I used my iPhone at the time to read books, graphing calculators, etcetera, but my teachers were told they had to take them up," said Allen. "And, I had to have my parents drive to school to pick up this phone to give it back to me when I was using it to better my education."

So, he created a YouTube presentation on how cell phones and other technology might benefit students in the classroom.

"This simple device could change the face of public education. The idea is simple. Imagine a school room with no books. No papers, no expensive copy machine and no numbertwo pencils," he said in the video.

He then developed the iSchool Initiative.

"The iSchool Initiative is a completely student-led non-profit dedicated to revolutionizing our education system through innovative technology," said Allen.

He's teaching his concept to educators and students across the country in a large bus as part of the Digital Learning Revolution.

His team recently ended a nationwide bus tour of 21 cities in 45 days to spread the message about digital learning.

The tour ended where Travis' idea for digital learning began, Whitewater High.

For Travis, his idea has come full circle because this coming year - ALL middle and high schools in Fayette County will allow BYOT - Bring Your Own Technology.

Students can't wait for the change.

"It's cool cause it's easier to pick up with notes, instead of having all those papers all over the place," said Sharod Minton, a student at Flat Rock Middle School.

Teachers spent the summer taking classes to learn how to best use the technology. Travis Allen served as one of their teachers.

"I'm personally so excited about it, but I'm having to learn so much," Joilene Price, a teacher at Bennett's Mill Middle School.

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