LITHONIA, Ga. -- In Debra Curry's voice, you hear the love she has for the son she lost, but in her actions, you can feel her heart for the man he'd become, who is now gone too soon.

"He loved cooking. He was prepared to go to the Army," she said. "He loved chess."

Curry's son, Robert, was killed during a dispute with a female acquaintance and while the loss feels unbearable, she embraces a guiding purpose based on a letter her 18-year old son wrote to her weeks before he died.

He told "his mother how much he loved her, and now she's returning that gift through the gifts and acts of kindness," said Debra's friend and co-worker Pat.

"He said it's important to forgive yourself. Forgive others. To focus on what is good," said Curry.

With his words to guide her, Curry decided to create a way to honor her son.

"I came up with the concept, 'You've been ROB'd with kindness'," she said. ROB'd, as in Robert, her son's name.

Curry ROBs people with Random Acts of Kindness each day.

She buys coffee and meals for strangers. She met a women who lost her job and helped her through tough times.

Recently, she had flowers delivered to a few of her co-workers.

"I'm going toROB people with kindness as much as I possibly can," Curry said. "I plan to pass it along and invite everybody to pass along that beautiful gift of Robert's memory. It's almost like taking medicine without the negative side effects. You only get the positive benefits from it."

She wants others to join her in doing acts of kindness for others and has created a website for people to blog about their good deeds at

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