ATLANTA -- What is the most difficult discussion parents have with their kids?

Is it sex or drugs? According to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta it's about weight.

"People are worried that they're going to offend their child or hurt them instead of realizing that their health is the most important topic they can talk about," said Dr. Stephanie Walsh, Director of Child Wellness at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

That is why the hospital has created a new anti-obesity campaign called "The Talk." The campaign includes a series of public service announcements with parents agonizing over how to discuss weight issues with their children.

It's part of the Strong4Life anti-obesity mission andincludes public service announcements.

Dr. Walsh says the way to begin the conversation is for parents to look at themselves.

"You're in charge of what you're of buying the grocery shopping. You're in charge of what goes on the table," Walsh said. "Also, ask yourself, how active are my kids really? We come home from school and we do homework, and I say we're too busy to to go to the park afterwards, but can we change."

The other key, according to Walsh, is to realize it's not about the putting so much emphasis on the scale.

"Don't focus on weight," she said. "Focus on health and the activities and things that bring good things into your family. And, if you have these conversations with love and compassion, it will go very well.

Dr. Walsh and two other Child Wellness experts joined 11Alive News Today Monday morning to answer parents' concerns in a live chat.

CHAT TRANSCRIPT | Help Desk: "The Talk"

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