ATLANTA -- The University System of Georgia reported on Tuesday that the tuition increase will remain at 2.5 percent for most campuses, for the second year in a row.

According to John Millsaps, Associate Vice Chancellor for the Board of Regents, the slight increase in college cost affects undergraduate students at 27 University System of Georgia colleges and universities.

Millsaps reported that last year's increase marked the lowestjump in ten years.

Also matching that of 2012, the increase for University of Georgia students is 5 percent for 2013, and 3.5 percent for Georgia State University. Georgia Tech tuition will rise 7 percent, Georgia Regents University students can expect a 3.5 increase.

Per semester, Millsaps said the dollar increase in tuition will range from $32 to $270.

"In determining tuition rates for the upcoming academic year, affordability was the regents' primary concern," John Brown, vice chancellor for Fiscal Affairs said. "Our ability to maintain a low percentage increase reflects a serious commitment by the Board to minimize the financial impact on our students."

One of only five states with two or more schools in the U.S. news & World Report's current rankings of the top 25 public universities, Georgia is home to Georgia Tech (ranked 7) and UGA (ranked 23rd).

"The Board is extremely concerned about the cost of college and ensuring Georgians have access to our institutions," said Chancellor Hank Huckaby. "In addition, as we work to achieve our ambitious Complete College Georgia goals of an additional 250,000 college graduates, we must do everything possible to ensure that the cost to attend college is not a barrier. This small increase helps students and parents financially while ensuring we can continue to provide a quality college education."

According to Brown, the 2.5 percent increase keeps up with the 2.2 percent inflation rate. Regents approved tuition rates on Tuesday that maintain the current tuition balance of state funding covering half of the cost of instruction and tuition counting for the second half.

Huckaby noted that Gov. Nathan Deals' budget support for the USG helped keep the tuition increase low.

"We received $63 million in new formula funds to support our enrollment growth," Huckaby said."This is critical to our efforts to minimize tuition increases for students and we appreciate the support."

Of the 32 mandatory student fee requests given to USG regents, 25 were approved. Also approved by the regents was the University System FY14 budget, which totals around $1.8 billion in state appropriations.

Millsaps said the General Assembly approved some funds to help the System meet state needs - $5 million will support cancer research by Georgia Health Sciences University, $2.075 million will be used to expand residency spaces for physician training in Georgia.

For projects funded by the state, $315.5 million will be used for equipment for new buildings, construction and maintenance, repair and renovation.

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