Marietta, GA--There may be just weeks left for students in Cobb County, but school boardmembers have plenty of homework ahead.
They are holding a special meeting Monday at 1pm to tackle an 86. 4 million dollar deficit.

Two board members, Brad Wheeler and Kathleen Angelucci,met with 11Alive's Duffie Dixon Sunday to talk about the hard choices they face.

"The easy way is to take the big chunks. The hard work is going to be finding 50 thousand here, 100 thousand there. Those things add up," said Wheeler.

Some of those so called big chunks have already been suggested---some propose cutting arts, music, athletics or teacher positions.

Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinjosahas said previously that he believes some jobs will have to beeliminated at some point.

"We're going to have to use some reserves. But at the same time through attritions we're going to have to reduce positions," said Dr. Hinjosa.

Angelucci is notconvinced. She said the board should look at anything and everything before even considering reducing the number of teachers.

"Less teachers meansa higher number of kids per classroom and a less conducive environment for learning.I would be happy to go line by line through the budget to see what else we can cut first," said Angelucci.

Cobb County is the second biggest school district in the state...with an estimated 107-thousand students.

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