ATLANTA -- Is this a generation of over-confident graduates, spoiled and obsessed with smartphones and their self-portraits?

A new Time Magazine cover story suggests so. It said the so-called millennials are unlike any other generation before them. They live at home longer and think they'll earn more than they actually do upon graduation. They score higher on narcissism tests than other generations. But don't expect to hear them admit to it.

"I think you have to be over-confident if you want to get a high-paying job or else someone else will get it instead of you," Emory University senior Dylan Holte said.

A study conducted by the consulting firm Accenture found this batch of graduates to be out of touch with what they're facing. Only 15 percentthought they'd make less than $25,000 a year when they graduate, while in actuality one third of last year's graduates are in that pay grade.

But are millennials getting a bad rap?

The Time story changes course in the end and says each generation points out the flaws in earlier ones. These grads only obsess over smartphones because they have them available to use. They're onlynarcissisticbecause they haven't grown out of it yet.

An Atlantic Wire story posted in response to the Time cover showed several magazine covers from the last few decades. They showed 90s twenty-somethings being late bloomers, an 80s generation obsessed with new video technology, and the original "me" generation of the 60s and 70s.

"I think to a degree we like to beat up on this generation," Michael Owens, an associate professor at Emory said. "I think we need to beat up on them less and support them more."

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