ATLANTA - The web site of Georgia Tech's Gamma Tau chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity says its members are "held to the highest standards and many are accepted as leaders on campus."

But now two young women have filed "Jane Doe" lawsuits claiming some of those fraternity members drugged, abused and even raped one of them nearly two years ago.

"It should be known that that sort of thing isn't tolerated on this campus and I'm a little hurt that it went on anyway," Tech senior Dustin Reese told 11Alive News on Friday.

That's an expected reaction from many Georgia Tech students about what is alleged to have happened at social events of the fraternity known as "FIJI" in the Spring of 2012.

One of the women, a 20-year-old Georgia State University student, said she was invited to join fraternity members on a "formal" trip to New Orleans in May of 2012.

Her lawsuit claims fraternity members, many under 21,"drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and consumed other illicit drugs" during the bus trip and on a rented boat once they arrived.

She claims on May 9, 2012 fraternity member Neal Kozsuch gave her a drink which "caused her to black out".

Her suit says when she woke up, he was on top of her having sexual intercourse with her without her consent.

She says when she woke the next morning she was partially dressed in another woman's clothes and found a box of Next Choice, a "morning after" pill, next to her.

The suit claims she suffered injuries and was sick on the return trip.

It also says she told 2 friends once she got back and went to Georgia Tech Campus Police who told her to "make her report to the New Orleans Police because that is where the acts took place."

The suit says she also reported it to New Orleans Police and, as far as she knows, the investigation is still open.

In the second suit, a 19-year-old Georgia State University student claims she was at the fraternity's Island Party on April 19, 2012 when she was handed a drink and blacked out 20 minutes later.

It says that was the only thing she'd consumed.

She claims she woke up on a frat house couch the next day "partially nude" and had "vulgar and sexually suggestive writing all over her body".

The suit says her mother took her to Grady Memorial hospital for a rape test, but "the results were negative".

Neal Kozsuch is the only fraternity member specifically named in the lawsuits, but both claim anywhere from one to ten "John Does" were also involved.

The women are being represented by Atlanta attorney David S. Fried, who declined an on camera interview.

He did send 11Alive News a statement saying he's trying to determine, "whether these facts indicate coincidental isolated incidents of depraved individuals or an organized failure of the fraternity."

Just the allegations themselves disappoint many Tech students.

"There has to be people there who are sober at a party and making sure that people don't get abused like that," said recent Tech graduate Trentin Jacobson.

"I think it's unfortunate for the institution; it's unfortunate for the fraternity, but I think it underlines an existing culture that goes on, you know, at a lot of colleges all over the U.S., including Tech," said senior Chivuese Ihenacho.

So far, the fraternity has not responded to 11Alive's emails asking for comment.

Georgia Tech spokesman Matt Nagel gave us a statement saying, "Georgia Tech Police Department conducted a full investigation of the incident. Since this is a civil matter and Georgia Tech is not a party to the lawsuit, it is not appropriate for us to comment on matters soon to appear before the court."

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