WINDER, GA -- Tripp Halstead's family has found out that he needs even more surgery.

His mom Stacy wrote on Tripp's Facebook page on Wednesday that he would have another surgery Thursday morning in order to remove the EVD drain, which is the drain that allows fluid to drain in a bag outside his head. The drain will be replaced with a bacteria-free drain.

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"We have had this done before. They have to cut on his head again. He is going to be the king of scars," Stacy posted. "So we don't know for sure if the bacteria is on the EVD tube but better safe than sorry do they are getting it out of there."

She says he has been having trouble sleeping as well.

"He wouldn't sleep, his eyes were going crossed again and he would startle so easily. So finally he is asleep. The physical therapist worked with him for 30 minutes just trying to get him to sleep. She finally did by holding his arms and feet tight so he couldn't tone. So I climbed in bed and held him down till he was sound asleep. Now we have a sign on the door to please be quiet and it is working."

Young Tripp has been making progress since being hurt by a falling tree limb last October.

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