JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (FCN)-- A new exercise craze is hitting the First Coast. It's an intense workout all on a trampoline and folks here say 10 minutes of rebounding is as effective as 25 minutes of jogging without the jarring effect plus they say it helps eliminate toxins by stimulating the lymph system.

Sabrina Sowka is trying this trampoline workout at Rebounderz on Old St. Augustine Road for the first time.

"I wasn't expecting such a core workout," Sowka said. "I was expecting to just jump up and down whole time but this definitely involved more than that."

In just one hour she was surprised at just how many calories she burned.

"950 in an hour. I'm hungry!" she said.

"I usually go to the gum about three days a week," said Brittany Flynn. "It's really boring because you just run on the treadmill but this definitely switches it up and gives you something different to do so it's a lot of fun, lots of cardio and core and legs and arms. I burned 1041 calories in an hour."

From push up to sit ups and lunges health and fitness coach Megan Garber said working out on trampoline you engage more muscles because you have to balance with everything you do and it's low impact.

"It's really good for your joints to start off, especially if you are obese, overweight, if you have arthritis," Garber said. "The pounding on the trampoline works for your joints. It's not like running on gravel. It's good for you."

Similar parks can be found in Metro Atlanta -- Sky Zone ( locations can be found in Roswell, Kennesaw and Suwanee.

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