ATLANTA -- It's that time of year again. Tuesday's sky-high pollen count is bound to leave many Atlantans with runny noses and itchy eyes.

The pollen count is 2,607, higher than Monday's count of 2,093, according to the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic.

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The biggest contributors are oak, pine, sweetgum and birch.

Dr. Stanley Fineman says the yellow pollen that heralds the start of spring is not typically the culprit for allergy sufferers. The yellow pollen, Dr. Fineman says, is produced by pine trees.

Dr. Fineman says it's an irritant but doesn't normally trigger an allergic reaction.

Dr. Fineman suggests allergy sufferers avoid the outdoors during the morning and early afternoon when pollen counts are at their highest. He says taking an over-the-counter allergy medication can minimize symptoms but suggests making an appointment with a doctor if problems persist.

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