ATLANTA --Fitness, fun and firefighters: it's a trifecta that two local firefighters hope will lead to great health and a successful business.

Our team recently took on the athletic challenge and felt the burn.

PHOTOS | Morning team tries Firefighter Fitness

Alex Hofstadter and fellow firefighter Nate Bailey are adding the title of small business owner to their resumes. Believing a firefighter also has to be an athlete, they just launched Firefighter Fitness.

According to the website, the program is a "total body workout designed, taught and used by real firemen to help you torch calories and extinguish fat.

When personal trainers Hofstadter and Bailey aren't in the fire hall, they're in an Atlanta church parking lot pushing others to feel the burn.

While a lot of boot camp leaders are known for being tough, Hofstadter and Bailey said they're nice to clients because they want you to come back for more.

The muscle-strengthening workout starts with step-ups, lunges and squats. Work to the glutes and quads is followed by an obstacle course with an upper body workout added in.

A relative break? A walk with 20-pound kettle balls. Still to be tackled are the battle ropes and the fire hose drag.

When running with the fire hose, the firemen say it should be done with urgency, like you're saving victims from a fire.

"We carry 80 to 100 pounds of gear while we're fighting fires and climbing up high rise buildings," Bailey said.

Hofstadter and Bailey say the exercise is similar to what they do on the job while going through windows, carrying heavy tools, using an axe and pulling victims out of a fire.

"We're going to scale down the weight but give you a taste of what we do on a daily basis," Bailey said.

They encourage healthy eating habits by talking about nutrition during each class, and have partnered with Good Measure Meals for easy meal options.

Firefighter Fitness is offering a special rate of $99 for the first 50 clients to sign up.

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