(WXIA) -- Would that cheeseburger be nearly as tempting if you knew you'd have to log 33 minutes on the treadmill to burn off all the calories it contains?

A survey by Women's Health says most people would choose lighter options in restaurants if a menu board included the exercise equivalent for each dish.

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Here are a few examples:

A glazed doughnut has 242 calories. It would take 88 minutes of crunches to work them off.

The 16-ounce Starbucks Frauppuccino contains 500 calories -- equal to 170 minutes of Pilates.

When you go to lunch this afternoon and eat a cheeseburger and fries, just remember it will take 141 minutes on the elliptical to work off the meal's 691 calories.

And if fried chicken is on the menu, it will take 65 minutes on a stationary bike to burn the 444 calories.

Two slices of pepperoni pizza contain 626 calories. Climbing stairs for 159 minutes will work off those calories.

And if you finish your day with a milkshake, don't forget your jump rope! Jumping for 72 minutes will burn off the shake's 780 calories.

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