DUNWOODY, Ga. -- Andrea Sneiderman is battling back against her in-laws after they filed a lawsuit requesting visitation rightswiththeir granchildren.

Don and Marilyn Sneidermanalleged ina petitionfiledin Marchin Fulton County Superior Court that their daughter-in-law Andrea has barred them from contacting the children.

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In documents filed Wednesday, Andrea Sneiderman's attorneys accused her in-laws of a "litigation strategy" to try and visit the children that does not reflect their actual history of interest in the kids.

"They may love the children very much", the filing reads, "but they have shown very little outward affection during their visits."

The filing addressed the Hemy Neuman trial directly, bristling at statements the Sneidermans made moments afterNeuman's conviction.

"At the conclusion of the trial of the murder of [Andrea Sneiderman's] husband in March of 2012, Steven Sneiderman, acting as representative for Petitioners, publicly stated to the media that [Andrea] "is covered in [her husband] Rusty's blood . . . ." In addition, Petitioner Marilyn Sneiderman stated to the media that [Andrea] was "involved" in her husband's murder. Clearly that was not in the best interests of the children for their grandparents and uncle to publicly make such terrible accusations about their mother."

According to court documents filed by Andrea Sneiderman's legal team, the requestcame just an hour after Steven Sneiderman fielded a press conference, in which heaccused Andrea of Rusty's murder. The request was denied.

Andrea's attorneys said in courtdocuments the children's grandparents would visit twice a year for three days at a time, and wouldoften talk with the children via Skype.

The filing also accuses the Sneidermans of passing up on time to spend with the grandchildren, going without seeing them between November 2010 and May 2011.

The filing also says Andrea Sneiderman went out of her way to invite them to Rusty's memorial in January 2011, and even go to Disney World together, both of which they declined. The Sneidermans, according to court documents, also left their son Rusty's Shiva early, time Andrea's attorneys say could have been spent with the granchildren.

Despite that, Andrea's attorneys said their client has made every effort to include the Sneidermans in the children's lives.

Emails included in the filing show Andrea and the Sneidermans discussing meeting for ice cream at a Coldstone Creamery and setting up time to talk via Skype.

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