UPDATE (Fri. May 4, 2012) --After first running away Friday, April 27, Jacob Mitchell and his girlfriend, who since were found in New York and then ran away again,have been found -- again inNew York. Jacob's mother contacted 11Alive News to say that, this time,she hopes the help she is seeking for him will keep him home. "Jacob was picked up with his girlfriend by Long Beach, NY police"late Thursday night, Katricia Mitchell says. "He was taken to the ER for evaluation and treatment. We are currently working out transportation to bring him home."

DULUTH, Ga. (Wed. May2, 2012)-- The mother of a 15-year-old runaway says the boy and his 17-year-old girlfriend turned up safe in New York, then ran away again.

Katricia Mitchell says her son, Jacob Mitchell, and the girlfriend, Samantha Aldana, ran away Friday. They made it all the way to a relative's house near Long Island.

"Jacob and Sam made it to Long Beach, NY. They are currently with her aunt and uncle. Thank you for all of your help!!! I will update you once I get him home," Katricia Mitchell wrote to 11Alive News early Wednesday morning.

However, Katricia Mitchell contacted 11Alive again Wednesday afternoon to say that the teens ran away from the aunt and uncle's house at around noon and hit the road again.

"Jacob has hit a downward spiral," she said in an email.

Katricia Mitchell originally said Jacob left without the medication he needs to treat depression and was in medical jeopardy. She began a Facebook page, Finding Jacob, and distributed flyers hoping someone would see him and help him get home.

Cpl. Edwin Ritter, Public Information Officer for the Gwinnett County Police Department, said that, according to the Sergeant of the Special Victims Unit, "This is a runaway case and our investigators are following up with it. The original report stated that he suffered from ADHD and was on medication for that, only. There were no statements implying that he has depression and is medicated for that. This does not qualify for an Amber Alert."

Samantha's mother, Norma Aldana, said she believed the teens took the Aldanas' gold 1996 Toyota Corolla when they left home. Normal Aldana said she fell asleep Friday, and when she woke up early Saturday morning, her husband realized the Toyota, which had been there Friday night, was missing.

Norma Aldana said her daughter, who works at McDonald's, did not have much cash.

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