ATLANTA --An 11-year-oldgirl who was believed tobe missing is home safe.

Nickeya Gause disappeared after getting off her school bus Thursday afternoon at El Paso Road and Santa Fe Trail in Southwest Atlanta. She never made it to her grandmother's house about a block away, where she goes every day like clock work.

"I have confirmed she was found safe and unharmed within the last hour or so at her mother's house in Lithia Springs," Atanta Police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a statement shortly fte 8:30 a.m. Friday. "At this time, there is nothing to indicate foul play of any sort was involved in her disappearance. However, investigators are conducting a de-brief right now to gather more facts."

Gause'smother Allesha Bettis saidshe received a textmessage from her daughter Friday morning, sayingshe had been home in Lithia Springsmost of thenight. There is no phone in the house;the message was sent by computer. Her mother said her daughter does have a cell phone but is only allowed to use it on weekends.

The search for Gause had been centered around her grandmother's house because that was her last confirmed location, shortly before 4:15 p.m.Thursday. Family and police searched the neighborhood for hours, as well as the homes of her friends and boyfriend, but found no signs of the girl.

When police released her description, two girls came forward saying they saw a girl who looked like Gausewalking downCountyline Road at 5 p.m.

It's possible she could have walked home to Lithia Springs without telling anyone, but her mother said she went home several times since her daughter disappeared and never saw her.

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