SNELLVILLE, Ga. --Aimee's supporters are rallying Monday at ablood drive at First Baptist Snellville. Pre-registration is full, but there is awaiting list. A hotline has also been set up to check on wait times at770-978-5758.

For those wanting tocontribute toward Aimee's medical bills, there will be a drive through in the church parkingfor cash or check donations.First Baptist Snellville is located at 2400 Main Street East in Snellville. The event is beinghosted by the Rotary Club of South Gwinnett. Aimee's fatheris the club's secretary and president-elect nominee.

Onlinedonations can be made throughAndy Copeland's blogon the University of West Georgia's website. Aimee is a UWG grad student.

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For the first time since flesh eating bacteria began attacking her body on May 1, Aimee Copeland is breathing on her own.

Her father said doctors turned off the ventilator Sunday. "They are running an oxygen 'mask' to her tracheostomy at an o2 level of only 35%, but the important thing is that she is getting zero breath per minute (bpm) assists,"Andy Copelandblogged Sunday night.

"In other words, she is breathing completely on her own!" he said. "Howcool is that?"

After first losing her leg and then on Friday,losing her remaining foot and both hands to necrotizing fasciitis,"Aimee is being Aimee,"Andysaid. "She's cracking jokes, speaking frankly, displaying her usual early morning grumpiness."

"Bottom line: Aimee is doing great today," he blogged. "*insert crazy-grin-happy-face here*"

Andy thanked the community for their encouragement these past few weeks.

"I truly appreciate your gracious kindness, continued prayers and unbridled support," he said. "It is people like you who make America great and don't you forget that."

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