LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- If only she could talk.

She is a labrador mix, one of the newest residents of Gwinnett County's animal shelter in Lawrenceville.

If she could talk, she might tell everybody where her real home is, who her owners are.

And she would definitely tell them all that she's been through since they lost her.

What a story she has to tell of survival and rescue.

Thursday afternoon, she was all but doomed -- all by herself and trapped in the inside lanes of I-85 northbound, near Spaghetti Junction.

Vehicles were zooming past her and around her like a storm of guided missles.

How long could she keep dodging them? She had nowhere to run.

Georgia State Patrol Troopers First Class Jason Kent and Dallas saw her at 3:45 p.m.

"We come around that curve, there. And all of a sudden you see a dog standing in the H.O.T. lane. And she's looking at us and we're looking at her."

The troopers were in their Tahoe cruiser, and their dashcam video shows the dog coming into view as they approached. They immediately pulled up and stopped.

Another driver had already stopped there, in the lane next to the H.O.T. lane, wanting to help the dog. The troopers said the woman was well-meaning but was on the verge of causing a huge pile-up.

The troopers turned on their blue lights and siren, and straddled the northbound lanes sideways, to try to stop traffic.

They got out, not sure whether the dog would snap at them or go with them.

"Usually when we pull upon animals like that, that have gotten caught in the interstate, they're usually pretty wild and don't want to have anything to do with humans," Kentsaid. "That's what I was expecting, the dog just to run off."

They kept the front passenger door open.

"She just jumped up in the vehicle, like, 'OK, I'm ready to go, now. Thanks for saving me,'" Kent said."It shocked me."

The dogtook the front passenger seat, sat up and looked straight through the windshield, as if she were claiming that place in the SUV for herself.

If only she could talk.

Kent can only wonder how she ended up on a stretch of busy interstate where it would be next to impossible for a dog to wander onto it."There's a six-foot, concrete wall to our left, the center wall. And then there's a four-and-a-half-or-five-foot concrete wall to our right."

The doghas no injuries, so she didn't fall or jump from a fast-moving vehicle. She is healthy looking, well fed. She is friendly, even to a stranger with a news camera, letting him scratchher behind her ears; she likes posing for pictures. Tell her to sit -- she sits.

"Maybe the dog was in a vehicle and maybe she came out of her collar or something like that, while traffic had stopped, and jumped out, and the owner wasn't able to get it, or something like that."

If her owners don't come forward within five days from Thursday, when the troopers brought her to the Gwinnett County animal shelter, then the shelter will put her up for adoption.

When you meet her and look into her face, you realize she doesn't have to talk -- she's already speaking to everyone loud and clear.

"Hopefully, we can find the owner, or find a home for her in the next few days," Kent said.

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