ATLANTA -- Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is catching some heat for comments he made on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday.

Some Democrats have criticized President Obama's re-election campaign for attacking Republican opponent Mitt Romney's ties to Bain Capital.

Romney claims his business experience makes him the best choice to pull the country out of recession, but the Obama campaign is highlighting companies that were shut down and workers that were laid off under some Bain restructuring.

But on "Meet the Press", Mayor Reed defended the president's Bain attacks, calling them fair game.

"This has been used by Mitt Romney's competitors in gubernatorial races; it's been used in the Republican Primary," Reed said.

"It's just complete hypocrisy," claimed liberal Atlanta news blogger Matthew Cardinale.

In an article on his online website, Atlanta Progressive News, Cardinale accused Reed of deception.

No fan of the mayor, Cardinale supported Reed's 2009 runoff opponent Mary Norwood.

But he's no fan of Mitt Romney or Republicans either.

He feels it's a question of fairness.

"I agree that Bain is fair game, but if it's fair game, it's fair game for the mayor, too, and he has some explaining to do," Cardinale told 11Alive News on Monday.

Cardinale criticized Reed for saying it's OKto criticize Romney's Bain experience while he's benefited from it himself.

"He had all these glowing things to say about the same company just two years ago on his own Facebook page," he said.

Mayor Reed did praise Bain and Company, a related firm, when he hired one of its employees, Peter Aman, as his first Chief Operating Officer.

He has since hired another Bain consultant, Hans Utz as Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

Late Monday, Mayor Reed's Director of Communications, Sonji Jabobs, defended his "Meet the Press" remarks.

She pointed out that Reed did not directly criticize Bain, but simply urged Democrats to support the Obama re-election effort.

"He doesn't have a problem with business," she told 11Alive News, "but does have a problem with Democrats hamstringing the president."

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