ATLANTA -- Conservative radio talk show host Neal Boortz is signing off the airwaves, sort of.

"I'm not really retiring ... exactly,"Boortz announced Monday on his blog.. "Let's just say I'm going to stop doing a daily talk show."

"My last day on the air will be inauguration day, January 21, 2013," he said. "After that I'll be around with daily commentaries, fill-in duties and some special projects." He will also continue to blog.

Boortz said hewanted to retire in 2009, "but after the election of [President] Barack Obama several people, Sean Hannity being paramount, convinced me to stay for three more years. Those three years are up."

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He said he willmiss his callers and colleagues. "I'll miss everything associated with doing a talk radio show ... everything, that is, except for the restrictions on my freedom to just pack up and hit the road when I want to."

Boortz plans to travel extensively with his wife Donna, whom he refers to as The Queen and She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Former GOP presidential candidate, radio host and Godfather's Pizza executive Herman Cain will return to radio full time when Boortz signs off.

"Honored to fill seat held warm for me for so long by @Talkmaster-My brother from another mother!,"Cain tweeted Monday. "Congrats on upcoming retirement Neal."

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