FAIRBURN, Ga. -- The family of a 56-year-old Fairburn man fears the worst. He went for a walk on May 24 and his family hasn't seen him since.

Fulton County Policehave put out an alert for Luis Valencia after Valencia's brother called them to report him missing.

"I went around at night to look around the neighborhood and the area, but I didn't find him nowhere," Ivan Valencia said.

Ivan Valencia said he brought his brother up from Florida to live with him after the missing man recovered from a three-month coma. Valencia said his brother has suffered strokes and had brain surgery after fracturing his skull. "He's not going to know the way to come back or ask somebody," he said.

Ivan Valencia said his brother would walk for miles and sometimes get lost, but he would return after a day or two. "He came back all the other times, so I waited," Valencia said. "But after a week, I thought it was time to call the police."

Ivan Valencia said his brother takes medication for seizures, blood pressure and diabetes, but he has none of those medications with him. "He'd survive like ... four days but it's too long, especially in his condition," he said.

Ivan Valencia said he called the police, hospitals and local jails.Grady Memorial Hospital told him his brother was at the hospital on May 26, two days after he disappeared. Ivan Valencia said his brother signed in but was gone by the time the doctorscalled him.

Ivan Valencia said he checks the parks around Grady every day to see if his brother is with any of the homeless people. "I can't be in peace until I know that he's okay, that he's back here," he said.

Fulton County Police are asking anyone who knows where Luis Valencia is to call their Criminal Investigation Division at 404-613-6600.

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