ATLANTA -- Motorcyclists riding in the Interstate 85 HOT lanes in Gwinnett County are exempt from paying tolls, but can still be fined for crossing the double white line in the lanes.

Biker Steve McCormick was hit with four fines for crossing the double white lines on the HOT lanes. He says he didn't do it. He appealed and won.

One catch - the Metro Atlanta advertising executive was still asked to pay an administrative fee.

McCormick says safety is always his top priority when on his motorcycle. He says he wears the right outfit, obeys the speed laws and says he never crosses the double white lines when riding in the HOT lanes.

The tollway authority says McCormick crossed the lines on four separate occasions, and fined him $25 for each of the four offenses, along with a $20 administrative fee.

When McCormick appealed the fines, the tollway authority found in his favor and got rid of the fines, but they kept the administrative fee in place.

The tollway authority says 220 drivers and motorcycle riders were hit with the same fees during May alone. Some drivers are paying the bill, but other are appealing it also.

The fees could add up to as much as $4,400 for the tollway authority.

"I think it's totally wrong. Totally wrong. I didn't do it and I don't understand why I should have to pay a fee for something they messed up," McCormick said.

However, if the fines are tossed out when appealed, why is there an administration fee?

"There are a lot of motorcycles going up and down the HOV lanes, not to mention the countless number of cars and if it happened to me it surely happened to someone else," McCormick said.

After 11Alive's Bill Liss contacted the tollway authority, McCormick's $20 administration fee was waived - and McCormick gets an additional bonus: the tollway authority is bringing him on board as an unpaid consultant to help the agency redesign where they place the Peach Passes on motorcycles to help alleviate false readings and to keep fines and fees from being levied on riders who are not breaking the law.

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