SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- The Parnes family has a Holocaust story different from most.

It's an inspiring, true story of faith, strong family ties and the triumph of the human spirit.

"It's an unusual Holocaust story because it's not the Anne Frank story and it's not the story of hiding," said Corey-Jan Albert, Creative Director of a new play about the family byAct3 Productions.

"By Wheel and By Wing"is based onthe saga of howa Jewish family of 10, who lived on the Poland-Ukraine border at the outbreak of World War II, survived as an intact family unit.

The family left the town Skalat, Ukraine after the war started and headed deep into Russia. They kept moving, but always staying together.

Through luck, coincidence and an insistence by family members to never separate, they were never imprisoned or hurt.

"In my grandparents' eyes, it wasn't a coincidence. It was always a matter of faith and knowing that somebody's looking out for them," said Helen Kasten, whose mother Tanya was one of the seven Parnes children. "My grandmother wouldn't leave without all her children."

They encountered hardship, including difficulty finding food, as they traveled east through Russia, but they never gave up, and the family knows of several amazing stories of survival during the journey.

"Where they just missed a disaster...or they just missed a bridge exploding because they were waiting (on a child),"Kasten said.

"By Wheel and By Wing" is an original production written and composed by a diverse group of high school students from the following schools" Galloway School, North Springs Charter High School, Paideia School, Roswell High School, Riverwood High School and Walton High School.

Act 3 Productions will premier the musical at the Act 3 Playhouse at6285-R Roswell Road in Sandy Springsfrom June 21 through 24.

Performances are also slated for June 28 through July and July 6 through 7.

Tickets are $15 for students and seniors and $23 for adults. Tickets can by purchased at www.act3productions.orgor by calling (770) 241-1905.

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