ATLANTA - The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division has issued a Code Red Air Quality Alert for Metro Atlanta for Saturday -- marking the second day in a row for such conditions.

Under Code Red conditions, the outdoor air is likely to be unhealthy for most people. Children, people who are sensitive to ozone and those with heart and lung disease are at great risk from outside conditions. Those persons are advised to limit prolonged outdoor exertion during the afternoon and early evening hours when ozone concentrations are at their highest.

In addition, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Metro Atlanta through 8 p.m. Sunday. Heat index values are expected to run as high as 110 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday.

Consecutive days of excessive heat can have a cumulative effect on the human body. Excessive heat for an extended period can trigger heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Never leave children or pets unattneded in a car -- even with the windows rolled down. Drink plenty of fluids, and remain in an air-conditioned environment if possible. The elderly, the very young and people with heart conditions are at the most risk in the extreme heat. Make sure to check on friends, relatives and neighbors who are at risk during these conditions.

High temperatures in Metro Atlanta are expected to remain above 100 through the weekend, only dipping to the high 90s early next week, with an increased risk of showers and thunderstorms.

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