ATLANTA -- For months, Jody and Ella Dyer had heard a lot about the new international terminal coming to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

So on June 15th, they were excited to finally see it in person. The Dyers were set to depart from Atlanta on a trip to France, but as they pulled up to the departure level, they noticed something was missing from the state-of-the-art terminal: curb cuts. There was no "ramp" for a wheelchair to roll onto the curb and inside.

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Jody Dyer, who has spentmore than 40 yearsin a wheelchair, had to rely on his wife Ella to lift his chair onto the curb.

"If you were by yourself, it would actually be impossible," Mr. Dyer said.

But four weeksafter the couple complained, the problem has been fixed.

Airport spokesman John Kennedy said while the new terminal does comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the lack of curb cuts was an oversight. They have since added two curb cuts, one each on the departure and arrival level, and plan to add a raised crosswalk as well.

The Dyers said they didn't expect to see action so fast.

"Actually, we're pleasantly surprised," Mrs. Dyer said. "We are very proud of the City of Atlanta for acting as quickly and being as responsive as they have been."

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