Cumming, Ga. -- Bride-to-be Amanda Jude was ok with it, but not exactly overjoyed. After time and budget constraints had her planning a courthouse wedding, she suddenly had a flood of good fortune. It started when she called her cake-maker to tell her not to worry about it; Jude said she didn't have a need for the cake. Her fiancé was only going to be on leave for a few days from his base in Louisiana, and they didn't have the money to stage a big event.

"She said she'd see what she could do,'" Jude remembered hearing from Natalie Roth. "I was like, 'See what you can do?' and before I knew it she had a florist involved, she got venders involved, she got catering done and photography, and I was like, 'Wow.'"

Roth said she made no promises in the beginning, but a lot of phone calls.

"I was just hoping she would have a place where she could eat cake, and then it branched into we can have flowers for the cake so let me call a florist," Roth said. "We just called and people said yes, I mean it was really, really easy to get people to help, because people want to support our troops."

Amanda and her fiancé Brian even got wedding rings, and the ceremony will take place at the Four Oaks Manor in Buford on August 12th-free of charge of course.

Roth is now trying to launch a project like this once a year, calling it Weddings for Warriors. And Jude is looking forward to creating memories that will sustain her through her fiancé's second deployment to Afghanistan next year.

"It's the worst feeling not to talk to someone that you're used to talking to every day," Jude said. "But having the pictures all over the house will help because I know that he's going to be ok, I know that he's coming home, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him. That makes me really excited."

Ruth is still hoping for a few finishing touches to Amanda Jude's wedding. See how you can help by clicking here.

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