WATKINSVILLE, Ga. -- Watkinsville police are calling it one of the more bizarre discoveries in their town's history.

Police in the Oconee County city of Watkinsville are looking for the owner of a child's prosthetic leg.

"I've had some strange ones over the years," said Watkinsville Police Chief Lee O'Dillon. "This would definitely rank right up there with them."

A jogger found the prosthetic along Barnett Shoals Road. Detective William Horton was sent to investigate.

"People turn in all sorts of things," said Horton. "This is the strangest since I've been on the police department.

The prosthetic right leg was found with a sock on it. It has no serial numbers nor does it carry the name of the manufacturer.

It is valued at around$5,000.

"Speculation runs wild thatsomebody found it in a stolen vehicle anddecided to throw it away to get rid of the evidence," said O'Dillon. "It's a surprise we haven't been bombarded with questions from people frantically looking for it."

Police have used Facebook in an attempt to solve the mystery.

Last month a Florida shrimper snared an adult prosthetic in the Gulf of Mexico. The leg had a University of Kentucky sticker on it. The owner learned of the discovery through television news reports and reclaimed the item he'd lost while swimming five years before.

Watkinsville police are asking anyone who knows of someone who may be looking for a child's prosthetic legto contactthem at 706-769-5665.

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