ATLANTA -- Latinos in Atlanta are talking about "El Impuesto Nuevo", the new tax that could have huge impact economically on a community already hard hit by the recession.

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Melissa Velazquez worries her tips will suffer if her customers are paying more. She says "...if people are spending a lot more money, the tips are going to go down, so you won't see as much business, yeah, i wouldn't see it."

While they may be voting against TSPLOST, some latinos are in a unique position to benefit from the referendum. According to an impact study conducted by the atlanta regional commission, passing the tax could mean an estimated 34,000 supported construction jobs in the metro area alone.

Contracts that Jose Villegas will be vying for if TSPLOST goes through-as project manager of Sol Construction. "Competition is very fierce,right now there's not a lot of work. right now we need the government to invest some money so there can be new projects for us and other construction companies like ours" he says.

Another benefit for Latinos is the fact that Georgia D.O.T. projects have goals to award contracts with minority preferences and could help latinos maintain a competitive edge.

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