DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- When it comes to news coverage, tragedy is often part of it, and there's usually little time given to finding out how victims are able to move on with their lives once the headlines have faded.

But strength is alive here.

After talking with Seamona Stewart, you find an inexplicable peace, in the wake of losing everything she loved.

It was another metro area house fire. But for Seamona Stewart, it was her house, where she lived with her husband and young son.

"I was watching my house burn, and I didn't know where they were," she said.It wasn't long before the medical examiner's van made it clear.

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According to the DeKalb fire department, Darryll Stewart's 2000 BMW 740 had a leaking fuel line. And when he pulled into the garage, the car caught fire, quickly turning the house into an inferno.

All at once, Seamona lost all she had. Yet even before she knew the fate of her family, while still watching firefighters battle the blaze, she resolved to accept whatever she had to face, saying "If we just have to rebuild a home together, I'm going to be alright. If I have lost everything, and the two most important things in my world, the only things I work for, the only things I live for, if I've lost them as well, God is still God and He's going to get me through this."

That strong faith enabled her to sing with her twin sister at the home-going celebration, and never once shedding a tear during our interview.

She says she's found solace in the goodwill she's received from friends and perfect strangers alike, who've provided transportation, clothes, airline miles, money, even the use of, not one, but two fully furnished homes. But an even greater gift perhaps is the most unexpected of all.In a fire which burned up everything, somehow all of her family photos, stored in a plastic container, were saved!

"Who losses everything in a house fire except the pictures?" she said. "Doesn't happen, but God. But God.

"I can say that I miss them. I do want for them. I do cry... I know I'm gonna be crying a whole lot more... but I really do have a peace."

One more unexpected gift in all this. Seamona is five months pregnant, with a baby girl who she says will help keep her husband's and son's memories alive.

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