LONDON -- Olympic gold medalists Angelo Taylor andDeeDee Trotter are gearing up for their London debuts later this week.

The metro Atlanta athletestook a break from track and field training to catch up with 11Alive's Karyn Greerat the GamesTuesday.

PHOTOS | Karyn & Chesley at the Olympics

Theysaid they aren't worried about thelow spectator turnoutother events have seen.

"We are one of the biggest events in the Olympics," Trotter said. "I think that's when you'll start to see that stadium really start to pack out."

"Whether the fans are still [there] or it's empty, I'm going out there to put on a show," Taylor said.

Olympic security concernshaven'ttroubled them either.Monday morning it was revealed that a set of keys to Wembley stadium, an Olympic soccer venue, had gone missing.

"Everything here has been really smooth and everyone's really nice, taking care of us," Trotter said. "Definitely feeling like the comforts of home, very safe."

Taylor said his family would soon be joining him in London.

"They're very excited," he said. "That's all they've been talking about: 'Daddy when are we going to London?'"

Trotter gave her best to supportersback home.

"We love you ATL!" she said.

Trotter won gold in the 4x400m women's relay in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Taylor won gold in the 400-meter hurdles and 4x400 men's relay in the 2000 Olympics in Syndey. He took gold again in the 400-meter hurdles in 2008 in Beijing.

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