CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. - Fire and rescue services from Cherokee County responded to an animal call late Tuesday morning on Hancock Mountain Trail in the Salacoa community.

According to officials, firefighters arrived to find a large horse on its side underneath what they described as a small old bridge. They said the horse appeared to be in distress, but it was unclear as to how long the horse had been underneath the bridge.

The Milton Animal Rescue Team and a wrecker service were called to help get the horse back on its feet.

Crews from the Cherokee County Fire Department, Cherokee Animal Control and the Milton Animal Rescue Team were together able to drag the horse out from under the bridge and helped upright. On their first attempt, the horse collapsed and began to roll onto its side again, but after a second attempt at righting the horse, it was able to stand.

The horse leaned against a tree for a time, before it was later led from the area and taken to a nearby pasture.

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