MARIETTA, Ga. --Police in Marietta are warning homeownes about a would-be thief posting as a technician from a security alarm company in order to get into houses.

Homeowner Claudette Redmond said she opened her front door just enough to know she didn't recognize the person on the other side, despite his badge with security written all over it.

"He pulled it up and just flashed it up and down and there was no picture on it and just some writing in the background, small, but I guess I was supposed to be impressed," Redmond said.

Dressed in a black t-shirt and pants, Redmond said the imposter didn't miss a beat.

"He told me that he was working in this area and that he was working on some of the houses in the front on their security panels. 'Your alarm system probably goes through your telephone; can I check your telephone?' I said 'absolutely not' and I locked my door, and I called the police," she said.

Marietta police arrived withinfive minutes, but by then, the imposter had disappeared.

Homeowners are advised to be observant and vigilant when strangers come to their homes.

Marietta Police Officer David Baldwin said pay attention to"how the person is dressed and what type of ID they actually have visible for you to be able to see."

If you suspect something isn't right, Baldwin said not to hesitate.

"Don't answer the door, and immediately call 911 if they suspect anything suspicious," he said.

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