NEWNAN, Ga. -- On the tiny street of Hyde Circle in Coweta County, Belle is everyone's dog.

And when someone is in trouble, the three-year-old chihuahua proves she can give the love right back.

So when 8-year-old Carlie and 5-year-old Lacey Parga wandered off and got lost in the woods, little Belle sprang into action.

The girls were walking along a route they'd taken many times before. Mother Rebecca Parga said her daughters should have turned around at the end of the street, but instead wandered into the woods.

"I guess they got a little curious," she said.

After taking a few turns, the girls got lost. Meanwhile family, friends and fire and rescue officers had formed a search party.

Neighbor Carvin Young grabbed Belle.

"She's a good tracker dog. She knows the woods well," Young said.

Parga said after a two-hour search, the dog picked up her daughters' scent and ran straight to them.

"They play at her house all the time. Belle knows my girls," their mother said. "I believe she did play a large part in [finding them]."

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