ATHENS, Ga. -- The University of Georgia says it has the rat problem under control, but some incoming freshmen are still a bit creeped out by the idea of living with rodents.

Wednesday was the first official move in day for students at UGA. About 1,000 freshmen will live in Creswell Hall, the dorm at the center of the rodent ruckus.

"When I told people where I was living, they said there's rats," said Susana Medina.

According to university work orders, in March, students started to complain of rats falling from the ceiling and the sound of little feet around them. They also reported horrible smells from traps that had been set up to catch the rodents. 11Alive was only able to access the work orders from March to June, but in that time there were 30 formal complaints.

But UGA says this semester will be different. Gerry Kowalski, the head of housing says the university has spent more than $20,000 to make sure the rodents moved out before new students moved in.

"It's a complicated high rise building with complicated mechanical, electrical and hvac systems and as the building was modernized over time sometimes things were left as you'd say abandoned in place," said Kowalski of Creswell Hall which was built in 1963.

Simply put, the building had as many holes as Swiss cheese. The university says it has spent the past few months plugging those pathways, going as far in July as filling in the old steam lines that wrap around the building.

The university also gave incoming students a letter, asking them to report any sightings and keep their rooms clean.

"It recommended that you get rid of your trash in a timely fashion, that makes sense," said incoming freshman Matt Bird.

While none of the students or their parents seemed pleased with the news, they all said they had faith the university had the situation under control.

" I'm not saying I want rats to come, or that I get along with them, but it will be a story and a good story to share," said Martha Ryden, calling the whole ordeal an 'adventure.'

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