ATLANTA --Avard Moncur was already a two-time Olympian when he left for London four weeks ago. He won bronze in Athens and earned a silver medal in Beijing.

But this time, his sights were set on gold. And as a runner on the Bahamas men's 4x400 meter relay team, he got it.

"For years, almost a decade, the Bahamas was the country behind the United States," he said. "We all rallied together...we were able to come up with the victory, which was a really big feat for our country."

Moncur is a cross country coach at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. He said bringing home the gold will help emphasize a lesson he's been trying to teach his students from day one.

"I think telling someone that hard work will pay off is so different from getting to show them that hard work and commitment pays off," he said.

Moncur was born in the Bahamas and attended college at Auburn University.

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