ATLANTA, Ga. -- A Labor Day weekend packed full of major events kicked off in Atlanta Friday with a college football game and Braves game starting at the same time. All while downtown thousands of costumed sci-fi fans converged on Atlanta for Dragon Con 2012.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND PLANNER | Here is your resource for all of the events around Atlanta this weekend

But the two types of fans from two different worlds weren't expecting to meet. But that's exactly what happened when several football fans in town for The University of Tennesee-NC State game booked rooms at hotels taken over by Dragon Con.

"It's kind of a bonus, I was just expecting to see football," said Frank Phillips, a Tennesseefan fromMemphis."I had always wondered if these people existed, and now I know they do."

Meanwhile the Dragon Con fans said they came to the convention to escape the people who didn't understand their culture.

"Dragon con is a place where like-minded people can come togethertoexplore their different types of fandom, whether it's TV shows, games ormovie heroes," said Tennessee resident Jessica Maple. She spent five months working on an impressivle costume modeled off a character in a Playstation game.

The rest of the weekend will see three more Braves games, a NASCAR race, a black gay pride parade, and a huge book festival in Decatur. Conservative estimates put the number of visitors at 500-600,000 people. Even without the NASCAR race and Braves games, the Atlanta Vonvention and Visitors bureau says the impact to local businesses will exceed $70 million.

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