CANTON, Ga. -- Detectives from the Cherokee Sheriff's Office arrested and charged a man with Terroristic Threats on Monday in Canton.

Detectivesexecuted a search warrant on thehome of William Miranda, located at 121 Latimer Drive.

Captain Joe Perkins said that Cherokee County 911 received a call on Thursday, September 13, from an unknown male, who claimed a bomb had been placed at the Pilgrim's Pride chicken processing plant.

Cherokee Sheriff's Office and Cherokee Fire responded, and began a search of the plant along with K-9 units from the Sheriff's Office and from the Woodstock Police Department.

For two hours, public safety personnel were at the plant conducting searches and interviews. According to Perkins, significant county resources were expended during the search.

Miranda was arrested and charged during the search at his home. Miranda is currently being held at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center on a $11,200 bond.

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