JONESBORO, Ga. -- How is Victor Hill going to defend himself? A picture is beginning to emerge.

Hill is the former Clayton County Sheriff who is running again for election to his old job. But as he campaigns, he is under indictment stemming crimes the state says he committed during his earlier term in office.

Hill was a no-show at his own motions hearing at the Clayton County Courthouse Monday afternoon. His absence was excused by the judge. Hillis accused of using the Clayton County Sheriff's Office during the four years he was Sheriff, from 2005 to 2009, as a corrupt, racketeering enterprise, using county employees and assets, and his own campaign funds, for his own, personal use.

At the hearing, Hill's attorney, Steve Frey, demanded that the prosecutor, Layla Zon, produce even a shred of evidence that the accusations are anything but unprovable attacks by political rivals.

"What we are demanding from the State is notice of where and when my client illegally profited," Frey said.

Prosecutor Layla Zon said, "The evidence is going to show at trial that the defendant did illegally profit from all of these trips, from the use of these vehicles, from the use of these employees, for trips to go stock trading and things of that nature, all for the personal gain of Victor Hill."

"Is the state going to allege that there is a pot of money somewhere?" Frey asked. "Point out where Victor Keith Hill enriched himself."

"Where's the big pot of money out there? Well somebody has to ask Victor Hill that, because Victor Hill is the one who took all of the campaign contributions, and he took that money and spent it somewhere," Zon said.

The judge confirmed he wants Victor Hill's trial to begin November 26. The prosecution and defense estimated the trial would take less than two weeks.

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