ROSWELL, Ga. -- Some people just don't see the kindness in people. Well, I want to share with you something that happened to me.

It started when a warning light came on in my car saying," check tire pressure." Thinking that it was a regular nail in the tire, I thought I could make it to the tire shop being that it was just about two miles away. As I turned onto Holcomb Bridge Road, I heard this disturbing sound coming from the undercarriage of my car. I pulled over and jumped out to take a look. To my horror, the wheel was completey flat and I was driving on the rim.

Fortunately, I was practically in front of an Advanced Auto Parts store and pulled into their parking lot. I went inside and asked if someone could help me. Tony, the store manager, came out to take a look. He suggested we try a quick fix for the tire. But when thatdidn'twork he said he would be happy to change the tire for me.

We opened up the trunk and pulled out the spare. The spare had no air in it.Tonytold me thathe would take the tire to the closest gas station and put air into it for me and return. Before I could reply, he had raced off to get his own car to pull up behind mine. He threw my tire in his car and was off.

Now mind you, this is rush hour on a Friday evening. People want to get off work and go home, they don't want the unnecessary delay of helping someone. But this manager of Advanced Auto Parts was not the norm. He went out of his way to assist this driver in distress. He returned from the gas station with the tire and after a few more minutes I was on my way. Before leaving I told him he was truly a wonderful person. Now if that is not a Random Act of Kindness, I don't know what is.

But this great story does not end there, while I was waiting to have my spare put on, I called the Discount TireCo. store on Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta. I spoke to Jeremy, the manager on duty. The time was after 5:30 p.m., and they close the store at 6:00. I shared with him the pickle I was in and he graciously said, "We will wait for you."

By the timeI was able to get through the traffic after the spare tire was put on, the time was nearing 6:45 p.m.I pulled into the lot of the tirelocation. Everything there was locked, since they closed at 6:00. But through the door, I saw Jeremy. He opened up the first bay for me and inside was his entire team waiting to help me. I was overtaken by my emotion.

I mean, here it is almost 7 p.m. The store closes at 6 p.m., it's a Fridayevening, they probably wanted to be home with their families and they were here waiting for me and they were OFF THE CLOCK!

Joy filled my heart asI watched this team in action as they replacedmy tires.(Yes, it turns out I had to replace them all -- don't ask) It was as if I werea pit at a NASCAR race. Within minutesthey had me on my way.

All I could do was continually thank them for waiting for me. Yes, folks,this Discount Tire Co. crewtook time out of their evening and offered me a Random Act of Kindess.

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