LOGANVILLE, Ga. -- David Dempsey runs a fruit stand in Loganville. He is among the legions of Americans who grew up with the concept of one man, one vote.

But because Dempsey lives in the city of Loganville, he will have to vote twice on November 6th in order to take advantage of his full electoral rights.

"Did not know we had to vote twice on election day. This is all new to me," Dempsey said. "I have never, ever heard of having to vote twice on election day."

Loganville will essentially have two elections November 6th. One will be for the candidates ranging from president to county offices. The other will be for Sunday liquor sales inside the city of Loganville.

11Alive News has uncovered similar dual elections, with different precincts, in the following cities:

In Gwinnett County: Grayson, Dacula, Loganville

In Bartow County: Taylorsville, Emerson

In Fayette County: Fayetteville

In Douglas County: Douglasville

Lynn Ledford, the Gwinnett County election director, says Loganville didn't submit its election in time to get on the county's election ballot.

'Ours had already been programmed at that point," Ledford said. "And once you get your ballot programmed, if you add anything to it, it changes the data base, it changes everything you had done at that point. You would have to retest all of your equipment, you would have issues with the paper absentee ballots and with other things like that."

Ledford agrees that it makes no sense to hold separate elections on the same day.

Here's an example. Voters in southwest Loganville in county precinct 108 will vote on nearly everything on the ballot at their polling place at South Gwinnett Baptist Church. But if they want to vote on Sunday liquor sales, they'll have to pull a separate municipal ballot at a precinct four miles away at Loganville city hall.

It may force voters in Loganville and other similarly affected cities into voting in one election but skipping the other. Dempsey says he'll definitely vote in the presidential election. "I think that's more important than local alcohol sales," he said.

But if he has the time, he says he'll vote twice. This November in Loganville, it'll be the American way.

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