ATLANTA -- As negotiations have heated up on a likely $1 billion new Downtown stadium for the Atlanta Falcons, the team is looking into utilizing personal seat licenses to help raise funds for the project, according to new documents acquired by 11Alive News.

The latest term sheet of negotiations between the Falcons and Georgia World Congress Center Authority devotes a full page to a "seats rights" campaign. This would involved the use of personal seat licenses, or PSLs.

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These licenses require fans to pay a one-time cost to reserve a seat at a stadium, on top of the cost of buying season tickets for that seat. In short, fans must pay simply for the chance to purchase season tickets.

PSLs have become common practice in the NFL; 15 teams have used some form of them, including the three teams with the most expensive stadiums in the game.

The Giants and Jets have charged from $1,000 to $25,000 per PSL; since 2008, they've raised nearly $700 million for their $1.6 billion MetLife Stadium. In Dallas, Cowboys ownership has charged up to $150,000 per seat in the new Cowboys Stadium; those PSLs have generated $500 million in revenue.

Under the current negotiations, the Falcons would determine the cost and length of such a program; the GWCCA would approve it.

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