LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- If you don't keep your house and yard clean in Lawrenceville, the city won't stand for it.

For nearly five years, the city's property maintenance ordinance has mandated certain property upkeep. For example, homeowners must keep their grass cut,gutters and paint maintained, and lawns free of parked cars and trailers.

Monday night, the city council unanimously decided that repeat offenders will no longer get a warning prior to a citation. First time offenders will still receive a warning first, followed by citation.

City council member Marie Beiser said the change affects a small portion of the Lawrenceville population, and was a result ofconcerns fromcode enforcement officers.

"They came to the council andtold us they're repeatedly going to the same houses over and over again about the same thing," Beiser said. "Most people, at least 85 to 88 percent, they comply right off the bat."

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