ATLANTA -- 11Alive News is committed to holding the presidential candidates accountable andpointing out when they've played fast and loose with the facts.

To that end, we assembled a panel of experts in the fields of political science, economics, health care and the law to watch Wednesday night's debate.

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Early inthedebate, the candidates sparred over their respective tax plans. Former Gov. Mitch Romney said he would like to cut taxes by 20 percent across the board. Romney said the tax cuts would spur the economy and any lost revenue would be offset by closing current loopholes in the tax code and limiting deductions.

Romney pledged that the estimated $5 trillionimpact of his tax cut plan would not add to the federal deficit. Our panel of experts found that claim problematic but impossible to dispute largely because Romney has refused to release specifics about which deductions he would limit or eliminate.

Our expert panel included professors from several metro Atlanta universities:

Andra Gilliespie/Emory University Political Science Professor

David O'Dell/Mercer University Professor of Law

Roger Tutterow/Mercer University Professor of Economics

Rosemary Cunningham/Agnes Scott College Professor of Economics

William Boone/Clark Atlanta University Political Science Professor

Hector Butts/Morris Brown College Economics Professor

Kendra King/Oglethorpe University Associate Professor of Politics

Neale Chumbler/University of Georgia Professor of Health Policy and Management

Daniel Franklin/Georgia State University Political Science Professor

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