This weekend's going to look a little like Farmer Joe's back forty at

Candler Park.

It's going to sound a little bit like it too with a full herd of goats and sheep from

"Ewe-niversally Green."

A neglected area of the park will get a much needed munch-over... er, make-over. And the whole neighborhood came out Friday to watch.

"We've had a part of the park that wasn't usable for a long time," said Jay Sandhaus, the President of the Candler Park Organization. "Friends of candler park were able to put a path through here butwe saw problems with a lot of invasive plants kudzo and worst of all poison ivy."

So, enter the goat-to guys.

They are literally eating machines that can devour more than a 100-square feet of kudzu in a day each. They were brought in by a consortium of community groups along the folks at the Sweetwater 420 Festival, which used the park last spring.

"It's just great that we're using the animals," said resident Mike Walsh. "And the kids are loving it; they get their own little zoo to watch, and we're helping the environment. So it's just great for the neighborhood."

And while the goat kids chomp the weeds, the human kids have been eating it up as well.

"In Candler Park people are hungry for the agrarian life," said resident Kristen Hampton. "We simulate it on a really small scale in our backyards, and this is just terrific what a solution for invasives."

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